The 'Tails

When? June 26, 2010

Where? Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Time: 1:00pm until ??

More details: For the map and other details, consult the "secret" page. If you don't know this page, email Kristin at kreimer@gmail.com

What’s Happening at the Party?!?

While there will be plenty of time for just hanging out on the farm, conversing with old friends, meeting new friends and all-around celebrating of life, there are also a few more “organized” activities planned.

A sample of events happening throughout the day: a massive communal art project, magnetic poetry station, playground & tether ball, face painting, jamming, cold beer & good food.

My draft of our scheduled events that you can pick and choose from:

1:00 Arrival
2:00 Ultimate Game
3:00 Kids’ Games
3:30 Soccer and / or Volleyball games
5:00 Food
5:30 Gathering & Freak Train (explained below)
6:30 Handel with Care, a barbershop quartet
7:00 Square Dancing
8:30 Music by Marian Call, a singer/songwriter from Alaska
10:00 DJ-fueled music

What should you bring?

  • We will be providing BBQ food (sausages, hot dogs, veggie burgers), cake, ice cream, and some drinks.
  • Those of you who can, please supplement this with food to share with others: salads, snacks, other desserts, other drinks.
  • We’ll also provide plastic plates, cups, etc. If you want a greener event – feel free to bring your own!
  • Bring any lawn chairs or blankets that you’d like and picnic / outdoor games, sports etc.
  • Musical instruments or other talents you’d like to share!
  • Those planning to stay late or camp, flashlights are a good item to bring.
  • Some of you are coming from far away – don’t feel like you need to bring everything. The idea is that we will provide some, others who are able to will bring some and there will be plenty for all to share!

Freak Train

Freak Train is a fabulous event in Denver, Colorado. Different from the conventional talent show, the idea is this: you have exactly 5 minutes to do whatever you’d like on stage. The only criteria is that it cannot be violent in anyway, and as our event will be filled with kids, I will add it must be family friendly!

So from 5:30 to 6:30, we will open ten 5-minute spots for people to fill: you can show true talent – singing, dancing, acting…. Or you can rant about your love for Barry Manilow. Or impersonate Barry Manilow. You can go up alone or in a group. Let your imagination soar – these could be the most intense 5 minutes of your life! But you will be ushered from the stage at exactly 5 minutes!

We’ll have a sign-up sheet at the welcome hut when you arrive – so first come, first served! ;-)


Florence, Italy