Just Asking...

When the party was first imagined, I pictured myself at the ripe age of 35, firmly established in the ways of the world, my Party Fund account bursting at the seams.

So, um…. Yeah. The Party Fund, far from bursting, is actually appearing quite anorexic these days.

As the reality of the party comes ever closer, I am filled with both great excitement and a little worry. I’m working on getting a few sponsorships to help with some of the necessities (tents, washrooms, etc.), but there is still much to be taken care of!

A few friends have suggested charging a dollar or two as an entrance fee to cover costs, but this party is my GIFT to you, not a ticketed event! However, I’m not above putting the call out there if it means the party will be the best I can make it.

And so, if you do have a little extra cash, and you’d like to put some of it toward the June 26, 2010 party essentials, I would be most honoured and grateful to accept it for the Party Fund. (The money will go 100% toward the party … I will not be showing up on June 26 with a recent Botox treatment…)

You can either send a cheque directly to me:
Kristin Reimer
1-149 Patterson Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1S 1Y4

Or use the Paypal account:


With all sincerity… Thank you.

Munich, Germany