What is This??
Siena, Italy
So... why a party?? And why June 26, 2010, you ask??

My life (like yours, I'm sure!) is enriched by a huge variety of people--people who bring me joy, support, tears and laughter. It's always seemed like such a shame that so many of these people in my life have no clue that the others even exist. Just think, I thought to myself, how amazing it would be to get all of these people together in the same place for even just one day!(And, of course, the thought of what an incredible social experiment this would be DID also cross my mind....)

So a few years ago I decided to move the dream out of my head and into reality. I figured that really the only thing that could stop this day from succeeding would be the nasty issue of finding a day to suit everyone's busy schedules. The solution? Choose a day 10 years in the future, of course! And so, June 26, 2010 was born.

What really is June 26, 2010?
- A celebration of life, laughter and love
- A way for me to say thanks to all of you for adding to my life in so many ways
- An experiment in social chemistry ;-)
- A reunion
- The greatest party ever!
- A good excuse to visit Canada
- The day before I launch into a deep depression!