Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

My "June 26, 2010" sign traveled everywhere with me in my 4-month trek across Europe. It was held by police officers, stag party members, shifty characters and works of art. Now it's your turn to join in the fun! Send me your pics of a "June 26, 2010" sign in front of a monument... held by the leader of your country... shaved into the back of your head... or some other random idea. The taker of the best picture will, of course, be properly honoured at the party.

Check out the submissions so far:

Florence, Italy
Gates NY

Sending a shout out from Central Park!

Roatan, Honduras

Kickin' back in Honduras with thoughts firmly planted in the future!

Kiwi, anyone?

Aaron McNabb representin' in Christchurch, NZ

The Manitoba Mennos!

A CBC listener in Toronto

Scouting a possible venue for the 2020 party?

greetings from Panama!

Greetings from Panama!

Touring the Big Apple but thinking of the Big Party!

Hubble parts back to Earth in time for the Party!

Possible location for the 2030 party - but will
the Grand Canyon be big enough?

The Colonel can't make it but he will be in many
of our hearts (in the form of arterial plaque)!

Athens at Syntagma Square

Greeting from Athens - Syntagma Square!